"Alpha Gamms"

Letters: Alpha Gamma Phi

Founding Year: 1983

Symbols: Diamond Ring, Champagne Flute

Flower: White Gargenia

Colors: Blue and Grey

Motto: "Always good friends, always good times"

President: Sarah Bender

Advisor: Robyn Laditka



"D Phi A"

Letters: Delta Phi Alpha

Founding Year: 1989

Mascot: Unicorn

Flower: African Violet

Colors: Purple, Pink and Grey

Motto: "Determined, Phenomenal, Amazing"

President: Brittany House

Advisor: Susan Lee




Letters: Delta Theta Psi

Founding Year: 1992

Mascot: Dolphin

Floweres: Irises, Bluebells

Colors: Purple and Green

Motto: "Strength, Unity, Grace"

President: Anna Duke

Advisor: Erin Kelly




Letters: Epsilon Kappa Omicron

Founding Year: 1943

Mascot: Echo (nymph)

Flower: Narrcissus

Colors: Kelly Green and Gold

Motto: "Excellence, Kindness, Oneness"

Presidents: Arielle Cerini 

Advisor: Jennifer Graber




Letters: Kappa Epsilon Zeta

Founding Year: 2013

Mascot: Golden Key

Colors: Turquoise, White and Gold

Motto: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Lao Tzu

President: Kaitlyn Fries

Advisor: Peg Cornwell




Letters: Pi Kappa

Founding Year: 1918

Mascot: Mr. Peanut

Colors: Purple and Gold

Motto: "We've Come a Long Way"

President: Ashley Parry 

Advisor: Sharon Rice




Letters: Zeta Phi Gamma

Founding Year: 1988

Mascot: Imp

Flower: Red Rose

Colors: Red, Black and White

Motto: "To Seek the High Call of Friendship"

President: Bianca Rocco 

Advisor: Jennifer Bowen