Rush Policies

The College of Wooster Greek Life Rush Policies: Fall 2012


  1. Each organization holds three rush events for students interested in participating in rush and potentially joining a club or section.
  3. Rushes will be encouraged to attend rush events for a variety of organizations.
  5. Students must attend first or second rush for a specific group to be eligible to accept a
  6. bid. If the student interested in a group cannot attend first or second rush with a legitimate reason (sports, meetings, class, etc.), they MUST receive permission from the Director of Greek Life to attend third rush and be eligible for a bid.
  8. Rush information brochures and posters will be created by IGC Rush Chair and IGC Publicity Chair and will be distributed to groups. This brochure and posters will provide information to potential rushes about rush and the Greek system at the College of Wooster. Rush information brochures MUST be distributed by groups at first and second rush.
  10. Rush would occur between Monday, October 1, 2012 and Thursday, November 15, 2012. This period would immediately precede the bid date. The rush schedule will try to avoid conflicts with Forum and other significant campus events.
  12. Bids would be issued prior to Thanksgiving break on SUNDAY, November 18, 2012 and will be able to be accepted until SUNDAY, December 9, 2012. Groups are encouraged to distribute bids on Monday, November 19, 2012. Groups must turn in their Pledge Class 2013 list to the Director of Greek Life by MONDAY, December 10, 2012.
  14. The maximum length respectively of each rush is an hour, an hour and a half, and two hours. The suggested agenda for the rush events would be meet and greet for first rush, information about the group for second rush, and final questions for third rush.
  16. Rush events will be planned to avoid conflicts with groups of the same gender. Groups of the same gender will not have rushes on the same day, unless it is first rush and there is a one hour gap between the rushes. Male groups can overlap with times with female groups. Co-ed groups can be on the same day as other groups, but not overlap times with other groups.
  18. Ideally, the entire rush schedule, including dates, would be resolved in the spring semester preceding the fall rush season so that schedule can be announced in the fall and groups can start planning based on a known schedule.
  20. After EVERY RUSH EVENT, groups must turn in their rush attendance sheet on the provided Excel document to the IGC Rush Chair and the Director of Greek Life within 5 DAYS of their rush event. If the group fails to do this within this time period of their rush, they may potentially lose their rush list for that specific rush. Therefore those rushes would not be counted for attending that rush.
  22. Alcohol must not be a factor in rush. All formal rush events are to be alcohol free. In addition, actives of legal age are not allowed to consume any alcohol on the day of a rush event prior to the conclusion of the event.

 All formal rush events must occur on campus.