Rule Packet

 Code of Conduct:

The purpose of this week is to showcase to the campus that the Greek Community is strong and united on the College of Wooster campus but also to allow for friendly competition among the Greek Community.  That being said, it is sometimes necessary to remind each of the participants and members of the Greek community how we should conduct ourselves during this week and that is why a code of conduct is included in this booklet.

  • Participants will act in accordance with the Code of Social responsibility.
  • Participants will act in accordance with the College’s Honor Code.
  • Although many of these events have groups competing against each other it is expect that participant with handle themselves as good sports and be respectful of all involved with the events, this include judges, referees and participants.
  • There shall be no alcohol consumption before or during any of the Greek Week events, except for the All Greek UG if you are over the age of 21.
  • It is expected that participants will be honest and respectful during all events and activities. 


  • Contest will be held at the IGC meeting 
  • T-shirt designs MUST be sent no later than the Sunday beofre the IGC meeting for approval 
  • Shirt designs will be sent to the Greek Week Rep
  • Shirt must include: “Greek Week 2014” and every greek groups appropriate letters, or name.
  • 50 points will be awarded to the group that wins the contest

Greek Games


  • Each female group that fields a team (min. 5 players, max. 7 players) will be awarded 50 points.  They will receive 20 points for each win that they get.
  • Games will be run in a round robin format.  Positions in the Round Robin will be decided by pulling numbers, so every group receives an equal chance of having a bye.
  • A round robin will also be held for teams that lose their first game.
  • The team with the best record wins the tournament, and will be awarded an additional 10 points.

Rules for the Powder Puff Football games:

  • Teams can play with up to 6 players (the player must be an active member of your group and on your groups’ roster) on the field at a time but no less then 5 players.
  • There are no kick offs. Play will start on the harsh mark or cone near the offensive team’s goal line. A coin toss determines who gets first possession of the ball.
  • All players on the field are eligible receivers.
  • The game is played with 8 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.  The clock will run continuously throughout the game except for the last two minutes of the game when it will stop on each dead ball or time out called.  
  • Each team will have zero timeouts during the first half but have two time outs during the second half.  The referees will stop the clock to get an injured player off the field.
  • The only first down is at the center of the field.  No matter where the ball is spotted if the team gets across the center line of the field they will have a new set of downs.


Touchdown = 6 points

Conversion by running = 1 point

Conversion by passing = 2 points

Safety = 2 points

Dead ball – the ball becomes dead when:

    1. the ball carrier’s flag becomes detached
    2. when any part of the ball carrier’s body other than the hands or feet touch the ground.
    3. An incomplete pass
    4. A fumble.
    5. When the ball goes out of bounds.

Defense- the team that does not have possession of the ball:

    1. the defense can not rush the offensive team until 3 seconds after the ball is hiked unless the quarterback passes the line of scrimmage, hands off the ball to someone else or passes the ball.
    2. The defensive player is allowed to intercept a throw ball but can not advance a fumble since a fumbled ball is dead where it lands.


SOFTBALL RULES (same as intramural softball rules)

 Regulation American Softball Association slow-pitch rules will be used with a few exceptions as noted below. Clarifications or modifications of the rules includes:


  • Any foot gear may be worn with the exception of track spikes or any other spikes with sharp points.
  • Only official wooden or metal softball bats are permitted. Baseball bats will not be permitted.
  • Tape or other foreign material may not be used more than fifteen inches above the bat.
  • Only first base players and catchers may use first base players’ gloves or anything other than standard fielders’ gloves 


  • A minimum of 12 eligible players must be listed on a team’s roster.
  • A maximum of 10 rostered players may play for each team at one time. A team must field nine rostered players in order to begin any game.



  • Before each pitch, the pitcher must assume a ready position, facing the batter, with at least one foot on the rubber, and with the ball held in both hands in front of his/her body. 
  • He/she must maintain the ready position for no less than one second and not more than 20 seconds before delivering the pitch.
  • The pitch starts when the hands are broken. In the act of delivering the ball, the pitcher must not take more than one step, which must be forward, toward the batter, and simultaneously with the delivery of the ball to the batter.
  • A legal delivery includes:
  1. The release of the ball and the follow-through of the hand and the wrist going forward past the straight line of the body.
  2. The hand being below the hip and the wrist not farther from the body than the elbow; no sidearm delivery is permitted.
  3. The pitcher may use a wind-up as desired, providing that the wind-up is not begun by a breaking of the hands without continuing.  
  4. The wind-up should not include a stop or reversal of the forward motion.
  5. The arm does not make more than one revolution in a windmill motion. (the arm may be dropped to the side and/or rear of the body before beginning the windmill motion.)
  6. The body is not turned away from the batter at any time during the wind-up or delivery.
  7. The arc of a pitch must be between a minimum of five feet and a maximum of 10 feet from the ground. 
  8. A pitch with an arc not within these limits may be swung at by the batter. However, if the batter does not swing, the umpire will call the pitch a ball whether it passes through the strike zone or not.

The strike zone is determined by the bow behind home plate. If the ball lands inside the box or on the lines it is a strike. THE CATCHER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CALLING BALLS AND STRIKES.



  • The batter must have both feet in the batter’s box while in the ready state and throughout the swing until contact is made with the ball. 
  • Bunting is not allowed. The batter must make a full swing.



  • All games are five innings long.
  • Once the game has started, the IGC rep has the sole power to call the game in case of rain or darkness. 
  • 3 1/2 or 4 innings (depending on which team is leading) will constitute a full game. 
  • If one team is deliberately stalling, the IGC rep may call a forfeit.
  • The 10 run rule will be in effect. If a team is ahead by 10 or more runs after its opponents have batted in the fifth or any later inning, the game will be declared over.
  • All games must begin within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time or within 10 minutes after the previous game is completed.
  • If the team fails to produce nine rostered players within the time limit, the game will be forfeited.

Clothing Drive

We will be collected gently worn clothing for People to People. The group which donates the most clothing by percentage of members for male and female groups will be awarded 50 more points.


Every 5 pieces of clothing donated will earn a member one service hour and will max out at 2 service hours. Members are encouraged to donate as much as possible!

Lip Sync


  • Groups may not add songs to their lists after the song selection meeting.
  • Lip Sync performances should be between 6 and 8 minutes long. One point will be taken off every 10 seconds a group is over the allotted time.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn for performances.  This will be left to the discretion of the judges, but modesty is encouraged for all groups.
  • All groups will have a one hour practice in McGaw. The practices will be regulated by a member of the IGC Executive Board.
  • Lip Sync will begin at 9:00 pm, but groups must arrive by 8:30pm.
  • If a group uses props during their performance, they must clean up immediately after their performance and leave the stage as quickly as possible.
  • The lip sync order will be chosen at random by the Greek Week Committee.
  • No alcohol should be consumed at this event, and no alcohol will be allowed in McGaw Chapel.

Lip Sync Judges Scoring Sheet:


Group Name: ________________________________


Group Choreography 

Creativity and originality ____/10

Fit of choreography with music ____/10

Difficulty level ____/10

Group is together and well-rehearsed ____/10

Enthusiasm and performance quality ____/10

Total: ____/50


Every song had someone lip syncing ____/15

Enthusiasm and performance quality ____/10

Total: ____/25



Use of costumes and props ____/15

Variety of songs and musical genres ____/10

Total: ____/25



Use of explicit music: -10

Inappropriate attire: -10

Song list not approved: -10


Total Score: _______________/100 points


Greek Week points will be based on where each group places in the Lip Sync tournament:


Lip Sync Scoring

Lip Sync Placement Scores

Points awarded

1st place

100 points

2nd place

90 points

3rd place 

80 points

4th place

70 points

5th place

60 points

6th place

50 points

7th place

40 points


Campus Clean UP 


Report to the Lowry Pit at one of the following times.  You must sign in at the beginning of the clean-up and sign out after to get credit for the service hour.  Each clean-up round will last for 50 minutes.

The Greek Week Committee will be in Lowry Pit to admimnister points 

This project is to show the Greek Community’s support for the staff that works on The College of Wooster campus and must clean up after the Greek students.

This counts as ONE service hour (on campus) for those who participate. 

Points will be based on the percentage of the group that participates: 


Greek UG


As a result of its success last semester, the same rules will apply for this year’s Spring Greek UG.  

  • Our event at the UG will be divided into half hour time slots for different groups to D.J. 
  • Each group will receive 50 points for submitting a playlist/d.j
  • Time slots will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • Only six groups will get to perform, so be sure to contact Rachel as soon as possible if anyone in your group is interested in participating.  
  • Those who submit the playlists are required to come to the UG 15 minutes before their scheduled playlist time slot (e.g. if your group is scheduled for midnight, a person with the playlist must be there at 11:45 to set up)

As always, we encourage EVERYONE to attend, and to refrain from having large parties on that night to increase awareness of the Greek community on campus by attending our own events.