Inter Greek Council

Inter Greek Council (IGC) is the governing body of the College of Wooster Greek Life. IGC aims to create a united and structured Greek Life at the college. The president and IGC representative from each group attend weekly meetings to discuss current Greek Life issues such as service, Greek Week events, housing and other information. Each representative from the eleven chartered groups serve on a committee within IGC, Social, Standards or Budget. IGC is overseen by the Director of Greek Life and an elected executive board.

 Meetings: Mondays 9pm in Bissman 8th Section


Director of Greek Life: Joe Kirk


Executive Board:

Co Presidents: Emma Gorin (

Treasurer: Shelby Stone (

Secretary: Francesca Cistone (


IGC Representives:

Alpha Gamma Phi: Georgia Callahan  

Beta Kappa Phi: James Martin

Delta Phi Alpha: Ana Atienne 

Delta Theta Psi: Elena Soyer

Epsilon Kappa Omicron: Natasha Foley

Eta Pi: Matt Rossi

Kappa Epsilon Zeta: Kathleen Hogg 

Phi Omega Sigma: Dan Warren

Phi Sigma Alpha: Jesse Phillips

Pi Kappa: Najiyah McKinney

Xi Chi Psi: Mat Martin 

Zeta Phi Gamma: Olivia Baum 


Please feel free to contact Joe Kirk or the executive board about any questions, comments or concerns about the College of Wooster Greek Life.