IGC Minutes

IGC Minutes 4/1/2013:


*Group Presidents should have received an email with a time to meet with Joe
Kirk in Kauke 141 on Tuesday 4/2/ regarding housing.*Party monitor training will take place on Sunday 4/7 from 12:30-4:30 in Lean
Lecture Hall in Wishart. You NEED at least 3 and no more than 5 individuals
from your group to attend. There will be another training session in the fall.

-A list of your members that are attending on Sunday are due to Joe Kirk by
Wednesday 4/3

*Tomorrow, 4/2 Fraternal Composites will be on campus. Group composite
photos will be taken in Holden in the lounge. Your representative should have
been contacted with a time, if you have questions or concerns contact
Fraternal Composites.

*Everyone is encouraged to help out a fellow Greek by taking the survey at the
link below for a class assignment:http://www.surveymonkey.com/MySurvey_EditorFull.aspx?

*All schedules are on the IGC website pertaining to Greek Week*The Saturday of Greek week, there will be a banquet for all Greek groups

- To all presidents: Please send the FULL NAME and COW CARD NUMBER of
everyone in your group that would like to attend the end of the year banquet-
Space is limited and it's first come first serve, but there is yummy food and
awards!! Names and numbers are due NO LATER than April 10, 2013. Send to

-At this time the menu has been approved to include bacon, no scones. For
discrepancies, speak to Emma Gorin.

*toMARROW 4/2 is the bone marrow drive in the Lowry Pit. 1 hour of service
will be given if you get entered into the data base, 1 hour of service if you
donate $5. (up to 2 hours for monetary donations) It takes 10 minutes; it is
only a cheek swab. 9am-7pm there will be representatives in the Pit.

*Betas, as a repercussion for late IGC dues, must have a letter of apology to present to IGC next week. Creativity as well as Iambic pentameter is encouraged.