Letters: Beta Kappa Phi

Founding: 1914

Symbols: Dragon, Die

Colors: Kelly Green and White

Motto: "First and Finest"

President: DJ Sullivan 

Advisor: Michael Casey




Letters: Phi Omega Sigma

Founding: 1913

Mascot: Osprey

Colors: Chrimson and White

Motto: "Fortune Favors the Bold"

President: Mike Ewanechko

Advisor: Charles Laube




Letters: Phi Sigma Alpha

Founding: 1916

Mascot: Sammy the Sig

Colors: Blue and Gold

Motto: "SEB"

President: Frank Vance

Advisor: Scott Jones



"Xi Chis"

Letters: Xi Chi Psi

Founding: 1991

Mascot: Taz

Colors: Royal Blue and Black

Motto: "Rari Inventu Sunt"

President: Nathan Johnson

Advisor: Mike McPhillips


Co-ed Fraternity



Letters: Eta Pi

Founding: 2011

Mascot: Cheetah

Symbol: Ivy

Colors: Turquoise, Black, White

Motto: "Unique individuals, we grow intertwined, with bonds unyielding to the test of time."

President: Hayley Schultz

Advisors: Wendy Teo, Rujie Wang