Benefits of Membership

The College of Wooster has a unique Greek system, which consists of eleven charted, local Greek organizations. Being a member of the Greek community has many benefits, which inclue:

Academics: Greeks are required to stay in good academic standing with the College. Academic probation will require a student to work with the director of Greek life to improve their academics. Most Greek organizations' average GPA's are higher than the school average GPA.

Extra Curricular Activities: All Greeks are required participate in at least one organization or sport other then their Greek group.

Greeks are involved in a wide vareity of clubs and organizations such as Student Government Association, Campus Council, Judicial Board, Residence Life, Orientation Committee, Wooster Activities Crew, Moot Court, The Voice, Admissions, Yearbook, Hillel, Bridging the Gap, COW for Kids, The Akaa Project, Student Advocates for Diversity, Women of Images, Brothers of Diversity, Equestrian Club, Investment Club and countless others.

Greeks are involved in many activities in the arts and entertainment such as Dance Team, Dance Company, Highland Dancing, Wooster Chorus, After the Messages, Cowbelles, Round of Monkeys, Mary Kween of Scots, Marching Band and Don’t Throw Shoes.

Greeks participate in a wide variety of varsity sports such as men's and women's lacrosse, basketball, swimming & diving, soccer, golf, tennis, track & field, as well as field hockey, football, volleyball, softball, cheerleading, baseball, ice hockey and frisbee.

Community Service: To maintain an active charter, groups must perform community service every semester. Groups participate in community service on campus at events such as Relay for Life, Safe, Sober and Smart, Soup and Bread, Campus Clean-ups, Stomp the Violence, The Akaa Project and Food Drives and off-campus at the Humane Society, Every Woman's House, Brookdale Senior Living Home, Wooster Libraries, and many others.

Leadership: Being a member of a Greek group gives every member an opportunity to be a leader in one's own group and Greek life as a whole. Every leadership role in an organization builds experience which will benefit the member in future careers and opportunities.

Social Life: As a member of a Greek organization, one has the opportunity to get to know the other members of their group, but all Greeks in the campus community through Greek activities throughout the school year.

Networking: Each group has an extensive history, which includes hundreds of alumni who often return to Wooster and visit their group. This gives members a unique opportunity to meet alumni who can open doors for networking, careers and lasting friendships.

Housing: Every group has the ability to apply for Greek housing in program houses around campus. Living with members of your organization gives an opportunity to bond more and share a house on campus.

Inter Greek Council: IGC is the governing body for Greek organizations and oversees all Greek activities. Every group attends weekly meetings and votes equally on all matters, regardless of a group's size. IGC is an opportunity for all Greeks to be a leader in the greater Greek community.